Lovers Box
Lovers Box

Chocolatiers Edward & Irwyn

Lovers Box

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Love is diverse and complex, but at its heart it is always about connection, reciprocity and sharing.

The Lovers Box was created with sharing in mind - two of everything, one for you and one for them. Includes both dark and milk chocolate, caramel and honeycomb, and was the birthplace of our Stracciatella truffles.

All love is worth celebrating, no matter how you define it.

Limited availability - this item is a seasonal special, and once it has sold out it won't be back until next February!

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These Lovers Boxes are especially designed to share; 

Stracciatella truffle square 
Congratulations, celebrations, even commiserations - there’s nothing ice-cream doesn’t make better. There’s a reason we share it with friends, family and lovers, ice-cream is the curer of all that ails the soul.

Dark chocolate mountain with vanilla & Icelandic black lava salt 
Not always plain sailing, it can feel like an insurmountable obelisk. But it is also stoic and strong; it was here long before us, and will be there long after we’re gone. 

Salted honey caramel in dark milk chocolate
Honey tastes sweeter from the hand of another, so feed it to the ones you care about with great love and no apology. 

Honeycomb hoose in dark milk chocolate
A bee will spend all day wandering, but it always returns home in the end. It is not a single unit, but a part of a much larger network where each one thinks of the others before itself. It doesn’t matter if the hive must be abandoned; they will build a new one. The ones you love make anywhere feel like home. 

Net weight: 110g

ALLERGENS: SOYA, MILK. May contain traces of NUTS.

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