The importance of hot chocolate


Hot chocolate is an obsession of ours, and we take great pride in our blends. We create our own unique base chocolate couverture from the most amazing dark chocolate in the world, mainly sourced from Madagascar and Grenada, which is hand tempered, moulded and then flaked into tiny shards.

We often drink ours first thing in the morning, making it dark and strong and perfect for dipping fresh buttered bread or brioche. It fortifies the spirit before a good days work! The blend is called The Chocolatier’s Breakfast and will be available soon from our online shop.

Got some of our hot chocolate flakes at home?

We like to make in a pan on the hob.  Put some milk in your pan over a low to medium heat and add in the flakes (about a heaped tablespoon per person, though it really is up to you) as it warms. Whisk continuously until it’s emulsified and hot, but not boiling.

If you feel a little decadent, we also highly recommend you put a little vanilla and honey in some double cream, whisk to the ribbon stage, and then add to the top of your hot chocolate. And a few flakes of chocolate sprinkled on top of that doesn’t hurt either.

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